Utila's Airstrip

On a beautiful island where nature abounds...

Welcome to Utila, the smallest and most unspoiled of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

Utila sits on top of the second largest fringing coral reef in the world.

The outer banks are home to dolphin and more than the occasional whale shark.

We invite you to explore this tropical paradise.

We have several properties to explore and make your own.

Time Zone : Utila is in the Central Time Zone but does not observe daylight savings time.

Electricity : 110 current (same as U.S.)


Entry Requirements

A valid passport with at least 6 months remaining from time of departing Honduras is required for entry. Some nationalities may also require a Visa.

There is an approx. $4.00 entry fee into Honduras and an approx. $39.00 fee to exit Honduras. There are other incidental airport taxes with connecting local flights usually not exceeding $5.00. Suggestion: bring a few $1.00 bills for these fees and baggage handlers.


Climate / Weather

The Bay Islands are known for their tropical climate. The average temperature is in the 80's (F) and ranges from the uppers 80's during the Summer months and the low 80's during the winter months. The occasional cold front sweeps through the island generally 2-3 times a year dropping the temperature into the high 60's for a few days. The average yearly rain fall is 100 inches, creating a lush green tropical paradise year round. The rainy season in the island falls between mid October to mid February. Typically the rainy season brings a mix of rain with sunny days between



The Honduran currency is the Lempira, although U.S. dollars are welcome.    



The three-mile by seven-mile island of Utila is set between a fringing coral reef and a 2000’ deep continental shelf. The positioning of the island makes it a Mecca for divers. Utila is also famous for its many whale shark encounters which occur throughout the year. Pristine snorkeling, fishing for tarpon and bonefish, horesback ridding are among other island offerings.offerings.

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