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The three-mile by seven-mile island of Utila is set between a fringing coral reef and a 2000’ deep continental shelf. The positioning of the island makes it a Mecca for divers. Utila is also famous for its many whale shark encounters which occur throughout the year. Pristine snorkeling, fishing for tarpon and bonefish, horesback ridding are among other offerings.

Not your typical Caribbean Island, Utila's eclectic blend of diverse culture help make this tiny island an exciting experience for all visitors.  Let us help you get there.

Utila Town

A short 5 minute boat ride will take you to the settlement of Utila. Your drop off and pickup times can be arranged with the resort management. There is no fee for this service during daylight hours. Night trips into town can be arranged with advanced notice and a nominal charge.


Looking to take a bit of the island home with you? You won't find an abundance of souvenir shops on tiny Utila, but you can find a range of worthy keepsakes from quality t-shirts and hand-woven placements to wood carvings and objets d-art. The trick is knowing where to look.

Bay Islands Originals

Located on Main Street across from the Reef Cinema. This tidy shop packs in an astounding assortment of quality items. Unparalleled for its selection of whale shark, iguana and Utila t-shirts, Bay Island Originals also carries Central American handicrafts, Cuban and Honduran cigars, bathing suits, an array of postcards and stationary and much more.

Gunter's Driftwood Gallerie

Located on Losano Road, past the intersection with Cola de Mico Road on the right-hand side. Owner.Artist Gunter Kordovsky has been living, diving and making art on Utila for more than thirty years. Starting with rustic base materials, he adds a touch of whimsy to create such curios as buoy lamps, mahogany sea horses, and resin-and-shell inlayed jewelry. Stop by for a unique vision of Utila.

Don't Miss

The Jade Seahorse

One of the most unique spots in Utila. This restaurant, bar, gift shop tucked away on a side road captures you at first glance.  It's like no place I have ever seen, a continuous work of art. Just when you think it can't get any better, you turn the corner and.....

Located on Cola de Mico Road. Just follow the road up from the municipal dock

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